American Express Expands Gold Card Hotel Collection Credit


The American Express Gold has been riding on a lot of (deserved) hype since it was overhauled a few months ago with a new earning structure, increased annual fee, and metal design. Now Amex is (incrementally) bolstering the card’s value by expanding the Gold Card Hotel Collection credit.

Here’s a look at what’s new and how to maximize this little-known benefit.

Before and after the Amex Gold revamp in 2018, the Hotel Collection credit available for card members who book through was $75.

What’s new

Now the credit will cover up to $100 in qualifying charges. This brings the on-property hotel credit amount up to the same level of Platinum Card members.

American Express Gold and Platinum Card members are eligible for the Hotel Collection credit.

The benefit issues the cardmember a $100 credit at check out for qualifying dining, spa, and resort activities. Hotel Collection bookings also offer room upgrades, when available.

Amex reminded current card members of the benefits change in an email.

The hotel credit comes along with room upgrades and 2x Membership Rewards points earning when booking through Amex Travel.

In order to receive the Hotel Collection credit, Gold Card members must book a prepaid stay of at least two nights.

For Amex Gold Card members, the points earning for prepaid bookings through Amex Travel is 2x.

Is it worth it?

There’s no doubt that an additional $25 is $25, but that’s if a hotel stay is a prepaid booking through

Personally, I make the majority of my hotel reservations directly with the hotel chain, and usually through an app. And I have yet to use the credit because I have yet to make a booking with Amex Travel.

I have, however, used the Visa Signature Luxury Hotels Collection, and enjoyed my experience with those benefits.

And as a previous holder of the Premier Rewards Gold Card, I did choose to renew my annual fee for this year. I fortunately only paid $195 instead of the new $250 annual fee, since that change doesn’t roll over for existing card members until April 1, 2019.

Getting value from the Gold Card Hotel Collection credit

If you make just one hotel booking through Amex Travel and utilize all of the $100 credit, you are already on your way to making the Gold Card’s annual fee work better for you.

Another nice thing: it’s not a one time credit. Card members can receive up to $100 credit on qualifying charges for each stay.

Also note that Amex does limit the credit per stay and not per room. So if you booked two rooms for a stay, the credit would still top out at $100.

Are you excited about this change to the American Express Gold Card? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Featured image courtesy of Avani+Samui via American Express.

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