Review: The Club at ATL Lounge


If I’m connecting through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and have a layover longer than 2 hours, I’ll usually visit The Club at ATL lounge.

An Introduction

It’s the only Priority Pass lounge at the airport, and located in the International Terminal (F). But why visit The Club at ATL when there is at least one Delta SkyClub lounge in nearly every other terminal? Well, it’s the overall atmosphere, actually. More on Delta SkyClubs in the Atlanta airport below.

The atmosphere inside is much more muted and quiet for the most part (unless it’s really crowded).

Bistro tables surround the large, curved bar inside The Club at ATL lounge.

My visits have usually been in the morning hours, so I’ve become accustomed to their continental-style breakfast spread. This includes cereal, breads and bagels, and oatmeal that can be heated up.

The food is nothing bad, but it’s also nothing special.

A view of the morning fruit selection inside The Club at ATL lounge.

The layout, however, is quite spacious. I don’t have a seat count or the square footage, but most mornings that I’ve been there have been peaceful. I’ve never felt cramped.

There are two main parts of the lounge. The main area has various seating arrangements including swivel chairs and small bistro tables, and even a bar-height meeting table that seats 8 easily.

A view from the back of The Club at ATL lounge looking toward the entrance.

The lounge’s bar itself seats 10-12 people and the attendant was always prompt during my visits.

The second area of the lounge is easy to access, but separated from the main area, and feels a little more secluded. It’s also the only area where you can (unofficially) lie down for a nap as there are benches tucked back in the farthest part of the section.

Hoping to sneak a nap in between flights? This section of The Club at ATL lounge is your best bet for actually getting some winks while visiting.

As usual, people tend to keep to themselves, so if you can get there first or the seats are open, a reasonable cat nap could be in your future.

The View

For those who like to watch planes at airports, the Club at ATL lounge offers a condensed view of the airport.

Visitors can also look out over the international security screening area from above through a window near the food bar, or gaze out the window near the drop-off area for Concourse F.

The international terminal itself offers some great views of planes before takeoff, including one large window above the entrance escalators that provides a larger-than-life view of planes. Travelers can view them straight-on or even from underneath while riding the escalator down toward the Plane Train.

Just outside The Club at ATL lounge, the International Terminal offers views of arriving and departing aircraft.

Finding The Club at ATL

This lounge is located on the second floor of the international terminal (F), just to the right of the inter-faith chapel. If arriving to the terminal from the Plane Train, take the escalators up and once on the main level, turn left toward another escalator, which will take you to the second floor.

Located in the Atlanta airport’s International Terminal (F), automatic sliding doors welcome Priority Pass and other premium ticket passengers inside.

The lounge grants entry to Priority Pass and Priority Pass Select members, as well as a host of other partners, like Qatar Airways and Air France. The lounge is also available for one time use by departure ticket holders for a fee.

The bathrooms inside the lounge are accommodating and spacious, although dimly lit. I actually like the lighting, especially in the morning as it’s not too harsh.

A view from inside one of the bathrooms at The Club at ATL lounge.

Just down the hall from the mens and women’s bathrooms are two shower rooms that provide additional space and amenities to freshen up before or after a flight.

Both were in use during this visit, so I couldn’t get photos of the inside.

A view from the hallway leading to shower rooms inside The Club at ATL lounge.

If you’re looking for a quiet and relaxing space to get some work done and grab some food and drinks, this is really the place you’ll want to be as far as Atlanta airport lounges go for me.

Delta SkyClub Lounge Comparison

Back to Delta’s offering – it’s true that more spacious Delta SkyClubs are located in almost every terminal of Hartsfield-Jackson. But they are also more crowded and loud in my experience. Bustling is the word I would use.

A bustling atmosphere isn’t anything to be concerned about though. If you’ve ever flown through or out of Atlanta, you know that all of the main terminals are quite busy. Bustling inside a SkyClub is an improvement over the general craziness of Atlanta’s domestic terminals.

Have you visited The Club at ATL? Share your experience in the comments.

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