How to Use Facebook to Find WiFi While Traveling


Being able to use Facebook to find WiFi while traveling can really come in handy. Whether it’s making plans or problem solving in a pinch, here’s a look at how to use this nifty tool.

Facebook’s mobile app has evolved into a Swiss Army Knife of mobile communication. One of its latest and most useful tools is a built-in location-based WiFi finder.

It allows users to see locations of free and public wifi hotspots and their locations on a map.

How to Use Facebook to Find WiFi

Facebook’s Find WiFi mobile app feature uses location history to build a list of locations received from the device.

Where to find it

The Find WiFi feature is located in the hamburger menu in the mobile app. Once you find it, you can turn the setting on and the app will detect nearby places with an access point.

Map view

See a birds-eye view of available locations with directions to them in the map view.

Location Services

If you don’t already have your Facebook app’s location settings set to “Always,” you’ll need to make that change for the feature to work.

Location services for Facebook needs to be set to “Always” for the Find WiFi feature to work.

List view

You can also look at available locations on a list, in addition to the map. The list conveniently shows how far of a walk each location is to reach.

In the list view, you can view available WiFi locations and how far away they are.

Also note that while public WiFi is always a welcome addition, it’s important to protect yourself and data when accessing a public network.

Final thoughts

The tool is one of many in the app. Like many other features, Facebook released it as a test. A few months later, the tool was fully implemented. It comes alongside other features, including city guides, fundraisers, and weather.

I truly hope this helped with understanding how to use Facebook to find WiFi. Have you used Facebook’s Find WiFi mobile app feature? Share your experience in the comments.

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